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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre is a directorate that was established in 1998 within the office of the Vice Chancellor of Moi University. It is headed by a director who oversees the ICT activities in all University Campuses i.e. Main campus and satellite campuses.

ICT is a field that combines both computing and telecommunication. Computer technology includes hardware and software, while telecommunication technology includes; Fiber optics communications, microwave, antenna communication system and GSM. These are used in the acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information in various formats such as audio, video and text.

The first director was Prof. Alex M. Muumbo who was in office until 2014. In 2014, Prof. Edwin O. Ataro succeeded Prof. Alex Muumbo as the Director until 2017. Dr. John K. Tarus succeeded Prof. Edwin O. Ataro as Ag. Director. In mid 2019, Prof. Joyce Komen took over from Dr. John K. Tarus as Ag. Director-ICT and she was later confirmed as the substantive Director in 2022.

Functional Units

The directorate's functional units are as follows:
  • Database Administration
  • End-User Support
  • ICT End-User Training
  • ICT Operations and Maintenance
  • ICT Planning and Development
  • Information System Support
  • Systems Administration
  • Website Design and Maintenance


The ICT Directorate endevours to:
  • To provide quality ICT services to the University
  • To manage, control and maintain ICT infrastructure in the University
  • To advise the University authorities on all ICT matters
  • To formulate ICT policies for the University
  • To Interpret ICT policies and related matters for the University administration
HelpDesk Support


To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage appropriate information systems in order to provide integrated and coordinated quality ICT services to Moi University in line with its Vision, Mission and Objectives.


To be a center of excellence in ICT innovation and provision of quality services in Moi University


Prof. Joyce K. Komen
Prof. Joyce K. KomenDirector, ICTdirectorict@mu.ac.ke
Mr. Luke Rotich
Mr. Luke RotichDatabase Administratorlrotich@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Susan Sang
Ms. Susan SangICT Trainersusansang@mu.ac.ke
Mr. Christopher Githinji
Mr. Christopher GithinjiICT Trainercgithinji@mu.ac.ke
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